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to the home of the Berkeley County Orchestra Program. Started in 1995, the program has seen tremendous growth and has had a wonderful impact on the children that have been involved. The Berkeley County Strings Program is open to all 4th to 12th graders as well as private school and home schooled students.

Letter to First Year Students and Parents

Dear String Students and Parents,

Welcome to the Berkeley County Orchestra Program! You have made an exciting step towards becoming a musician. My name is Eva DelGallo and I will be your string teacher. By the end of this school year you will be able to play some familiar songs, know the note names and read music. You will enjoy making some of your own music on your chosen instrument or play a melody that you have heard in a movie, a video game or on a pop CD. WOW, there are really no limits as to where this can lead you! But FIRST you need an instrument.

We will have an INFORMATIONAL and RENTAL MEETING on Tuesday, August 19, at 6:30 pm in the cafeteria of Musselman Middle School. (second day of school)

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2014 Welcome Letter to Musselman Middle School String Students and Parents

Dear  Musselman Middle School String Students and Parents,

Welcome back to the Orchestra Program! Make sure to check our website often:

If you need an instrument please come to String Instrument RENTAL NIGHT on Tuesday, August 19 at 6:30 pm in the cafeteria of Musselman Middle School. 

Parents can rent from “Music and Arts” or “Ellsworth Music”. There are a limited number of school-owned instruments available, however, when they are gone, they are gone. Students cannot expect to get FREE instruments year after year. Band does not give out free instruments either. I will have cellos for use in the classroom as some bus drivers will not transport cellos. Read more

2014 Rental Nights

  • DelGallo and Nathan Rihn: Tues, Aug. 19th, 6 :30pm, Musselman MS Cafeteria.
  • Dr. Sturm: Aug. 21, 6 to 7:30 pm, Spring Mills Middle School Cafeteria.
  • Justin Newberger and Nathan Rihn: Aug. 27th, 6:30 pm, South Middle School Cafeteria.
  • David Funderburk: To Be Determined (TBD)


O for OPPORTUNITY – is the chance to do something amazing. Some students do not get the chance to play an instrument whereas children in orchestra are pushed to the limits every week.

R for RESPONSIBILITY – is not only being responsible for your instrument but also everything that has something to do with it. This includes music, rosin, chinrest, shoulder rest, etc.

C for CHALLENGE – yourself beyond belief! Say, I have to play two flats or play 32nd notes or a 16th note run. Play more than you think you can!

H for HARD WORK -is what you put in every time you play a piece and you want it to sound amazing. You know you have done your work when you can play a piece by just looking at it and not needing finger numbers.

E for ENTHUSIASM – something that you should bring to class or orchestra every week. You should be excited to play your instrument. Having a positive attitude is always best.

S for SATISFACTION -is something you should feel every time you play in orchestra. It means having the feeling that you are proud of what you have achieved and that you can play well.

T for TEAMWORK – is trying to make music wonderful. Orchestra is one of the best teams known to man. If the orchestra didn’t play as a team people would surely notice it and it would be bad.

for  RESULTS – are what you get after lots of practice. The amount of effort you put into preparing a concert will finally show.

A for  ARTISTRY – is the art that is created with your talent plus your hard work. Also inside the word “artistry” is the word “try”. You can’t accomplish anything without trying your hardest.

~   Victoria Parello, 7th Grade